2016 Ironman Dates

June 5-7 and 9-11, Reg Fee $400

Registration is available online, OLHOT / ST.


2015 Ironman Dates Announced!

June 7-9 and 11-14, 2015: Reg Fee $300

Registration will open in February, see registration page for details and to stay updated.


2014 Ironman on Gun Talk Television!

Check out this latest video series on the Ironman.



2014 Ironman iteration is Complete!

Complete Match Scores on the Practiscore.com website.

Congratulations to everyone that endured it thru the match, and the congrats to the Match Winners!

Open - Daniel Horner

Tac Irons - Cody Leeper

The Heavies - Barry Dueck

Trooper - Tyler Payne

Tac Optics - Daniel Horner

Click here for Scores.


The MGM Ironmanis a "one of a kind" 3 Gun match and has been since its actualization in 1997. Mike Gibson developed an idea for the type of match that he wanted to shoot. It is long, intense, and you shoot till you drop! Mike frequently says, "this match isn't for weenies or crybabies". In the twelve years the Ironman has been held, it has continually grown and is quickly becoming one of the top matches in the nation.

With creative and challenging stage designs, high round counts, and a great RO crew the IRONMAN is truly a unique match. The match includes 10 or more stages, an 900+ round count (if the shooter doesn't miss), and EVERY stage requires the use of all 3 guns. The Ironman is an intense test of both shooter and equipment, not to mention it is a blast! Over 3 days, the participants will shoot from the back of a moving vehicle, while driving a golf cart, from the top of a 20 ft tower, and while carrying a dummy. Every stage has a 10 minute time limit and the average time spent shooting on EACH stage is about 7 minutes. Needless to say these shooters are serious about their game and greatly appreciate support from companies who enable shooting sports.




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